Nyoo Alfêbet

Part ov mùy criiaytiv prowces haz biin too criiayt ê nyoo alfêbet dhat rezemblz mor dhê wey Inglish iz spowkên, baysd meynlii on mùy own aksent and intêrpritayshôon. Dhow at tùymz ùy yooz dhê dicshênerii az ê refêrêns fò fênetic speling.

On ther travèlz, Jayk and Orf wil fùynd dhêmselvz in dhê land còld Hiêr wer piipêl tòlk az dhow it wôod riid az it sawndz. Tradishênèl Inglish speling iz nêtoriêslii unpredictêbl, and dhis “Nyoo Alfêbet” iz an êtempt too meyk it mor fênetic and giv a culjhê in Jayk’s storii sumthing distinktiv. (translation for this at the bottom of this page)

a as in bAt (bat)
e as in set (set)
ê as in thE (dhê)
è as in hER/wORd (hè/wèd)
i as in tIp (tip)
ii as in sEE (sii)
o as in rOt (rot)
ò as in bAll/bOArd (bòl/bòrd)
ôo as in sOOt (sôot)
oo as in fOOl (fool)
u as in rUm (rum)
ù as in fArm (fùm)

b as in Bat (bat)
d as in Date (dayt)
dh as in THat (dhat)
f as in Fate (fayt)
g as in Gate (gayt)
h as in hat (hat)
hh as in loCH (lohh)
j as in Join (joyn)
jh as in Chop (jhop)
k as in Kilo (kiilow)
l as in Long (long)
m as in Made (meyd)
n as in Not (not)
ng as in loNG (long)
p as in Past (past)
r as in Round (rawnd)
s as in Sun (sun)
sh as in SHake (shayk)
t as in Time (tùym)
th as in THumb (thum)
v as in Very (verii)
w as in Word (wêrd)
y as in Yes/ laY (yes/lay)
z as in Zoo (zoo)
zh as in uSually/leiSure (yoozhôoulii/lezhôor)

Tranzlayshôon ov êbuv parêgrùfs: Part of my creative process has been to create a new alphabet that resembles more the way English is spoken, based mainly on my own accent and interpretation. Though at times I use the dictionary as a reference for phonetic spelling.

On their travels, Jake and Orph will find themselves in the land called Hiêr where people talk as though it would read as it sounds. Traditional English spelling is notoriously unpredictable, and this “Nyoo Alfêbet” is an attempt to make it more phonetic and give a culture in Jake’s story something distinctive.


2 thoughts on “Nyoo Alfêbet

  1. […] Sometimes I have a little interest in finding nyu weys tu rait Inglis. Once I experimented with writing ALL IN CAPTALS, WITH NO PUNCTUATION AND N VWLS S YD ND P WRTNG LK THS. For Jake Fish’s story I created the Nyoo Alfêbet, based on a more phonetic alphabet of (my) English: if yoo wont too sii dhat môr in depth dhen pliiz sii hiêr: Nyoo Alfêbet. […]

  2. […] For a phonetic reference see dhê nyoo alfêbet (and yes, I’ve even created my own alphabet for this language LOL): https://jakefishoutofwater.wordpress.com/nyoo-alfebet/ […]

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